Blaine Lewis

I am a PhD student at the University of Toronto working with Professor Tovi Grossman in the Dynamic Graphics Project (DGP). My main area of research is human computer interaction (HCI).

My research interests vary widely depending on the week, but in general my research aims to solve problems users encounter when learning software. I mostly achieve this goal through designing new interaction techniques, like KeyMap. But more and more I've realised we don't truly understand why users fail to learn software so I seek to understand the underlying breakdowns users experience while learning.


Longer Delays in Rehearsal-Based Interfaces Increase Expert Use
Blaine Lewis, and Daniel Vogel
KeyMap: Improving Keyboard Shortcut Vocabulary Using Norman’s Mapping
Blaine Lewis, Greg d’Eon, Andy Cockburn, and Daniel Vogel
Framing Effects Influence Interface Feature Decisions
Andy Cockburn, Blaine Lewis, Philip Quinn, and Carl Gutwin
HotStrokes: Word-Gesture Shortcuts on a Trackpad
FingerArc and FingerChord: Supporting Novice to Expert Transitions with Guided Finger-Aware Shortcuts